Different Types of Tattoo Needles

Date Published: 01/08/2014
Tattoo Needles
Date Published: 01/08/2014
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Have you ever wondered when you saw that beautiful girl, contemporary art or some imaginary but very realistic design tattooed on someone’s arm, back, neck, hand or leg that how is that possible? The things that seemed lively only on television or on computer screens seem so full of life even when printed on a body part. The answer to this is related to tattoo machine and being more specific the tattoo needles used to create the design on the skin. Amongst some of the basic supplies for a tattoo artist, the top most priority is the tattoo needles.

Construction of a Tattoo Needle
The needles drive the ink into the subcutaneous layer of the skin so that the tattoo becomes permanent. A tattoo needle is a basic but very important piece of equipment as many sharp ends are fixed into a single bar. Depending upon the need and choice of the artist there can be as many as nine sharp ends on a single bar. The needles are available in flat as well as round shape. Depending upon their ease and mastery an artist can use different needles for lining and shading. There are two different types of tattoo needle which are used for specific tasks, a liner needle and a shading needle.

Liner Tattoo Needles
As the name suggests Liner means a tattoo needle that will be used to outline the shape of the tattoo. Theliner tattoo needles are round in shape and the professional tattoo artists prefer to have at least three needles with sharp ends fixed on one bar. It is the bare minimum number of needles used to general outlining and if the person getting a tattoo wants a thicker outline of the tattoo then the artists use up to nine needles simultaneously. All the liner tattoo needles used by artists are rounded and these drive the ink into the skin. The other type of tattoo needle is used for shading.

Shading Tattoo Needles
The tattoo artists commonly refer to these needles as magnum needles. The shading and color filling part of a tattoo design is done using the shading needles. The shading tattoo needles do not have a restriction of nine needles as generally tattoo artists have been seen using more than nine shading needles at a time. The shading tattoo needles are flat in shape and several shading needles are stacked up in two rows. The artists use it very effectively to blend different colors to impart realistic touch to the tattoo designs.

Associated Pain
Both the needles, liner tattoo needles and shading tattoo needles are very important as the design cannot be completed without one or the other. The only difference between their uses is that the liner tattoo needle has to be used continuously without stopping so that the outlining is done perfectly and precisely. Because of this the pain involved is much greater in comparison to a shading needle. While a shading tattoo needle is used in breaks by the tattoo artist as they pause to wipe excess ink and blood from the area being tattooed.
This is the basic information pertaining to the different types of tattoo needles and their use.

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