How to do Outline of a Tattoo

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how to outline a tattooDone correctly, tattoos are hot, tattoos are cool and tattoos are attractive. Yes, but what makes them such an appreciated property to have on one’s body. Not all tattoo artists are appreciated equally; there are some who receive more work and more adulation of the tattoo lovers because they know their trade well. Yes, they imply their tattooing skills highly effectively and a tattoo cannot be good if the outlining of the tattoo is not proper as the outlining makes the tattoo look distinct.

So if you are thinking to enter the market as a tattoo artist or pick it as a profession then it becomes highly important for you to learn how to do outline of a tattoo. Without knowing how to do outline of a tattoo with perfection, your business will not pick up. Once you have created a stencil using your tattoo design the process of tattoo making can be started. The very first step of the tattoo making is drawing a fine black outline.

Step 1

At the very beginning, you need to take care of that part of the skin where the tattoo has to be made so that the ink does not spread. So for this you need to rub the area with petroleum jelly gently. It will prevent the ink from splattering. Also keep a paper towel close to you or in your non-working hand so that you can use it frequently. Dab gently and remove the excess ink, and also the small amount of blood that will bleed from the spot you are tattooing. Be cautious not the rub the surface to remove the ink as this can smear or erase your stencil. It will ensure that you are able to see the skin clearly and make the tattoo perfectly.

Step 2

Every artist is different, but most start outlining the tattoo at the bottom of the design and work up. First, you must start outlining away from your hand. Later go outlining towards your hand. Following this process, you will not mess with your stencil by irritating the skin of the person getting the tattoo. It is a process to avoid the constant rubbing of the outline of the tattoo.

Step 3

You will want to use your hand to stretch the skin of the area of you are tattooing, depending on the person and where on the body you may to stretch the skin more. You must work very gently with a steady hand with the tip of the needle. If you work deep into the skin it will not only cause bleeding but you also run the risk of leaving a deep scar into the skin of the person getting the tattoo. The outline of the tattoo does not have to be too deep. It just needs to be a clean line so that the tattoo is clearly visible.

Step 4

Softly dab the tattoo with the paper towel to remove the excess ink over the outline. Also apply some ink into your tattoo machine as needed. Now come the time to clean the tattoo. Prepare a solution of rubbing alcohol and distilled water in the ratio 1:10. Now use this solution to clean the tattoo. But do take care that you have traced the outline of the tattoo completely. This is the complete process of outlining a tattoo.

Davey Jones
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