tattoo aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare

After putting the bandage on the completed tattoo the artist’s job is basically done. However, if this happens to be the customer’s first tattoo then the artist should spend a minute going over caring for the tattoo until it is healed, referred to as aftercare. Once the bandage has been removed it will take a […]

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tattoo bandage

How to Bandage a Tattoo After it is Complete

OK. So you’ve just finished an awesome piece of work and are ready to collect payment and send your customer on their way. But first you must complete the final step of the process which is to bandage the tattoo. Tattooing is a painful art form as it causes some bleeding and swelling in the […]

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how to outline a tattoo

How to do Outline of a Tattoo

Done correctly, tattoos are hot, tattoos are cool and tattoos are attractive. Yes, but what makes them such an appreciated property to have on one’s body. Not all tattoo artists are appreciated equally; there are some who receive more work and more adulation of the tattoo lovers because they know their trade well. Yes, they […]

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How to Tune a Tattoo Machine

This article gives an overview and discusses some basic steps to tune your tattoo machine. For an in-depth manual to tuning your tattoo machine you should look at the How to Tune a Tattoo Machine Manual by Tim Miller. The manual goes into every detail on how to setup and tune your machine. Get it […]

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Different Types of Tattoo Needles

Concept to Art Have you ever wondered when you saw that beautiful girl, contemporary art or some imaginary but very realistic design tattooed on someone’s arm, back, neck, hand or leg that how is that possible? The things that seemed lively only on television or on computer screens seem so full of life even when […]

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Choosing a Tattoo Machine

Perhaps a tattoo machine is the most important tool to invest in for a professional tattoo artist. The worth of a good, easy to use and lightweight tattoo machine is unmatched. The Greatest Invention Thomas Alva Edison indeed was the greatest inventor in the human history. The invention of the first tattoo machine, or not […]

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Components of a Tattoo Machine

A tattoo machine is a very unique machine as it is hand held and used to carve very beautiful and permanent images into the skin of one’s body. As a tattoo artist it is important to know the anatomy of the machine and have an understanding of how it works. This article throws light on […]

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Creating and Applying a Stencil

Before you can ever begin a tattoo you must first create a stencil that will be transferred onto the skin of your customer. The stencil will contain the outline of the tattoo design that you will use as a guide when shading and completing the tattoo. Creating a stencil is not a difficult task, but […]

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